Tuesday, January 29, 2013

LIFE happens times 3!

My daughter Stacie was given 2 baby zebra finches a few months ago, one male and one female. On day 2 of their homecoming, we were on our way out to get them an appropriate size cage when we opened the cage to give them water before we left. When she opened the cage, one flew out and hit the window, and of course, died in an instance. After much crying, we went out to get the little girl another mate and a cage. We came home with the right cage and 3 MORE birds! Because 4 had to be better than 2?

Stacie has a schnauzer named 'Rosco' that did not share our enthusiasm with the new babies! Poor Rosco would not even eat or sleep with these things in his house! I loved the birds, but did not want the extra responsibility, so my mom offered to adopt them. After a few months, my mom and I determined they were too much for her to care for properly, so I took them home to find a home for them. Weeellllllll.... I love them, so I could not get rid of them! They love to lay eggs but I just kept throwing them away so they would not multiply. Ok, them I felt that was not fair and the lady at PetSmart said they would not likely hatch!! Ok! they hatched! Sunday night when I covered their cage, no babies, Monday AM when I uncovered them, I only saw 1 egg and something I could not see without my glasses. I got my classes and oh my gosh!! babies!! 3 of them. I called a bird specialist I met in town and his first piece of advice, was he told me NOT to panic! Too late! he told me to leave them alone, give them some fresh fruit and the parents would do the rest. Ok, so I backed off and let them do their thing with the exception of pulling tissue off of them. One of the male birds keeps covering the up with tissue from the nest! They can not breathe like that! Anyway, it is day 2 of their life and they are still there, plus 3 more unhatched eggs! 1 in one nest and 2 in another. It is funny, one male keeps stealing nesting from the nest with the 2 to put into the other nest. Boy they are little but so busy!!!! Had to share this video. It is hard to see but if you watch it on a computer monitor, you can see the 3 babies!!! I took the video yesterday when they were only hours old.

Check it out!!