Monday, July 1, 2013

Fun in the dark

This weekend, my darling Kamryn came to spend the night. This time she brought her 9 yr old cousin Hannah. We got up Sunday and went first to see Rio, then once he was tired of our company, it was time to quilt. Hannah was so excited because she hasn't gotten to sew and no one in her family sews. First, I let the girls pick their own fabrics, then each girl got to piece her little top. We stuck with only 9 blocks to make a simple piece. Once it was all pieced, they chose the backing fabric, then they got to look at all the normal threads, then I remember I had some fluorescent threads and a black light. We closed all the curtains and shut off the lights, then the quilting began. I had no plan, just decided to start with their initial in the center, the rest just was strictly playing around. They were such an enthusiastic audience! They said I was AWESOME! They were by far, the best audience ever! They got to find out just how much time it took to do this small project and have a new found appreciation for what the quilt process is all about. What I really loved, is they WANTED to do it and they hung in til the end! So, I wanted to share a couple of photos of their reaction to their investment in their projects.