Friday, December 13, 2013

Blast from the past and blast of cold

These 2 elves have been around my whole life, 50+ years! They are holding up pretty good!

I took this photo of mom the other day, she looks really good. We still have some heart valve issues to worry about but they are still just keeping a close eye on things right now, so she does not have to deal with any surgery decisions just yet, soon, but not now.

This is the road OUT of our subdivision last Sunday. The roads were clear, it was falling tree limbs that posed the biggest threat. We made it safe and all is melted now!

This is my favorite photo, taken on the same road as shown above.

This young deer let me get very close to it! It did not seem to be scared by all the traffic buzzing around it! It decided it had enough of me and took off after I got this photo. Then, he ran out across the road, luckily the traffic was just as amazed to see it and no one hit it! Thank goodness! Kamryn and I saw a huge buck last night, it was so majestic! It was too dark and he was too fast to photo! I am such a CITY girl, can you tell??!!